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Architectural Restoration – Historic Preservation with Copper

There are many older buildings with very distinctive architectural features which after a length of time those features may deteriorate, crack, crumble or corrode. For architectural, historical and preservation reasons these worn out building features, when repairs are not feasible, are frequently restored with replacements maintaining an acceptable likeness in form, texture and color and possessing a long lifespan. Being ecologically green, sustainable, low maintenance, with excellent weather-ability and having low total environmental cost are all very positive objectives to observe in architectural restoration or historic preservation. Copper has historically been commonly used for architectural building features for it's elegance, durability, weather-ability, long life and pleasing earth tone patina. Copper's character allows it to suitably replace not only original copper work but also original cast iron, lead, other metals and virtually all types of masonry including stone, terra cotta, etc. Copper will naturally develop a protective patina cycling through shades from raw copper's salmon color to various browns to bluish greens then finally to a grayish light green over the course of the many decades or centuries of it's long life. Copper can be painted any color, or coated to maintain it's original color or even pre-patinated to a dark brown or it's final light green color. It is best environmentally to avoid any paints, coatings and chemicals and just allow nature to run it's course with it's own pleasing array of changing colors. Following are before and after pictures of some of the architectural restorations which have been performed by Rutland's Architectural Copper Work shop using pure copper replacement material.

Original Gargoyle Rain Spouts


Replacement Gargoyle Rain Spout


Old Balustrade - "Ornamental Railing with Balusters"


Original Baluster and Replacement Copper Baluster


Leader Heads - Original with Replacements




Garden Sculpture Restoration


Rutland's architectural copper work artisans are able to faithfully restore, reproduce or recreate historic architectural features and many sculptures.  Rutland's craftsmen also regularly perform custom metal fabrication or copper work which perfectly model an architect's or client's unique designs or drawings and manufactures to the exact size, finish and other specifications that are requested.