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Copper Finials – Roof Top Finials

Copper Finials – Roof Top Finials

To break up the monotony of large expanses of roof, especially non variegated roofing and oftentimes long unbroken rooflines, consider adding a roof top finial. Roof finials provide focal points of interest and accentuate your home or commercial building's roof and architecture. Finials and larger roof structures such as cupolas, domes, dormers and chimneys help to visually break up large expanses of roofing or long unbroken roof lines and m... Read More >

May 31st, 2016 / admin

Gutters Colors Chart

Gutters and downspouts made from aluminum, galvalume and galvanized steel are available pre-painted or may be custom painted in a large variety of gutters colors to match your building or home decor. Other architectural metal work such as roof vents, wall vents, chimney caps, cupolas, roof finials, dormer vents, chimney pots, awnings, canopies, deck railings, soffit vents, etc., may also be painted to coordinate with your home colors or building decor. Oftentimes, standard products are only available in a limited color range of colors and styles. The regular pa... Read More >

May 30th, 2016 / admin

TIG Welding – Architectural metal Work

TIG Welding


TIG Welding Diagram


TIG Welding Copper Sculpture

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May 27th, 2016 / admin