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Copper Castings Designs – Copper Decorations – Copper Ornaments

Copper Castings Designs – Copper Decorations – Copper Ornaments

Rutland offers several copper casting designs which may be used as copper decorations or copper ornaments. These lovely pure copper designs will enhance any outdoor architectural copper work including copper leader heads, custom chimney caps, roof dormers, copper plaques, copper planters, garden sculpture, light hoods, copper wall and column cladding. Inside the home, copper designs or decorative copper castings will dress up copper home decor and copper kitchen accessories such as range hoods, kitchen island hoods, light canopies, fireplace hoods, farmhouse si... Read More >

June 9th, 2016 / admin

Copper Wall Decor – Copper Design Interior

Copper has many qualities which make it an ideal interior design material. Copper has a warm, elegant, luxurious appearance and harmonizes especially well with wood, natural stone, glass as well as virtually any material and color. Copper has a timeless quality, not affected by changing styles and fads, remaining desirable and growing ever more beautiful with age. Copper comes in many hues, having many possible shades of natural patina and still more human treatment such as heat-fired and forced patination effects. Copper may also be alloyed with other metals to create even more shades of bronze and brass. In addi... Read More >

June 9th, 2016 / admin

Copper Leader Head – Lion Conductor Head

Rutland Gutter Supply releases a new custom copper leader head design featuring a lion head copper casting on the front upper face, beveled sides, a scalloped diamond patterned bottom face and 3 rounded decorative bands. This new leader head, conductor head, hopper head was adapted from Rutland's LH-038 leader head and was designed for inside corner mounting. An alternative outside corner version, having the same look and features is also available for outside corner applications. Both designs can be used as rain collection or scupper boxes fed from flat roof s... Read More >

June 8th, 2016 / admin

Copper Home Decor – Elegant, Healthy, Green

Copper home decor is unmistakably elegant, warm, inviting and luxurious while copper decor and copper accessories are also the healthiest choice due to copper's germ killing, antimicrobial power and copper additionally is a substantial contributor to eco-friendly green design as well. Copper decor has been around forever but is becoming increasingly fashionable today and part of a natural trend in home architecture and interior design.

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May 30th, 2016 / admin