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Copper Elbow Downspout Extension Gooseneck

Copper Elbow Downspout Extension Gooseneck

Rutland has the capability to fabricate a custom copper downspout elbow - downspout extension gooseneck. These one piece gooseneck offset elbows or downspout extension elbows are less prone to leaks than three piece downspout elbow extensions and are also much more visually appealing especially in attractive round or square downspout styles. These custom downspout elbow extensions - gooseneck offset elbows with one piece design are further enhanced by seamless TIG welded construction, offering smooth unbroken surface or sight lines, best durability and strength. Gooseneck downspout elbow extensions are most often ... Read More >

June 9th, 2016 / admin

Rain Spout – Gutter Spout

Before downspouts were implemented, rain spouts used to throw water off a roof top with parapet walls or directly from rain gutters mounted around the edges of a roof line. Ancient rain spouts typically took the form of lions, eagles or mythical creatures. Then some grotesque creatures such as gargoyles, griffins, centaurs or chimeras became common centuries ago. Today downspouts are  typically used to drain rain water from flat roof openings or from gutters, away from building walls and foundations. You will still see rain spouts and gutter spouts implemented... Read More >

May 31st, 2016 / admin