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Gargoyle Rain Spout – Roof Scupper

Gargoyle Rain Spout – Roof Scupper

Gargoyle has been defined as a water spout which projects from a roof gutter and is designed to drain or throw the rain water away from the walls of a building. Gargoyle water spouts or rain spouts preceded downspouts which drain water from rain gutters into a drain down pipe or downspout and have a horizontal downspout extension at the bottom end of the downspout that carries the rain water away from the foundation. The word gargoyle comes from the French word gargouille which means throat in English. The words gargle and gurgle also come from the same roots as gargoyle. Gargoyle was a... Read More >

June 22nd, 2016 / admin

Rain Spout – Gutter Spout

Before downspouts were implemented, rain spouts used to throw water off a roof top with parapet walls or directly from rain gutters mounted around the edges of a roof line. Ancient rain spouts typically took the form of lions, eagles or mythical creatures. Then some grotesque creatures such as gargoyles, griffins, centaurs or chimeras became common centuries ago. Today downspouts are  typically used to drain rain water from flat roof openings or from gutters, away from building walls and foundations. You will still see rain spouts and gutter spouts implemented... Read More >

May 31st, 2016 / admin

Gargoyles – Water Spout – Rain Gutter Spout

Gargoyles at Sunrise

One of Rutland's clients graciously sent in some gorgeous pictures of her collection of copper gargoyle water spouts mounted at the ends of copper rain gutters. The copper gargoyles rain gutter spouts are installed on a lovely gazebo up high on a hillside overlooking the ocean. The pictures capture the dramatic view of a gazebo built at the edge of a cliff with an elegant pool situated between the gazebo and this lovely coastal home. This gorgeous property ove... Read More >

May 30th, 2016 / admin