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Green Building Materials – Copper – Natural Stone

Green Building Materials – Copper – Natural Stone

Copper and natural stone make ideal green building materials for both the exterior and interior of all buildings, including commercial, public and residential buildings. What is green building? Simply put green building means the construction, renovation or remodeling of houses, public and commercial buildings so they are more durable,environmentally responsible, energy efficient and healthier for their occupants throughout the building's li... Read More >

June 8th, 2016 / admin

LEED Certification Green Building

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environment Design is a third party certification and building rating program for building performance across several key areas. LEED attempts to measure a building's performance and sustainability across such areas as: optimizing energy efficiency as well as use of renewable energy; efficient and sustainable use of building materials and resources, including reuse, renewability, recycling and durability; innovation of design, incorporation of high recycled and regional content; water conservation; Read More >

May 31st, 2016 / admin