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Green Building Materials – Copper – Natural Stone

Green Building Materials – Copper – Natural Stone

Copper and natural stone make ideal green building materials for both the exterior and interior of all buildings, including commercial, public and residential buildings. What is green building? Simply put green building means the construction, renovation or remodeling of houses, public and commercial buildings so they are more durable,environmentally responsible, energy efficient and healthier for their occupants throughout the building's li... Read More >

June 8th, 2016 / admin

Natural Stone Tile Flooring – Natural Stone Wall Veneer

Natural stone products are the focus and specialty of Rutland Minstone, a natural stone wholesale distributor and newest member of the Rutland group of companies. Rutland Minstone is wholly a natural stone importer - supplier and is the sole wholesale stone distributor for the United States, North America, Caribbean and South America for manufacturer Minstone. Minstone is the source of the highest standards in pure rock, slate and genuine na... Read More >

June 3rd, 2016 / admin