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Gutter Hangers – Focus on Gutter Brackets

Gutter Hangers – Focus on Gutter Brackets

Rutland Gutter Supply is family owned and operated. Their manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. They have over 40 years of experience in the construction and sheet metal fabrication business. Rutland operates some of the most modern CNC machinery available, from computerized roll forming machines to a fully automated 4" round seamless, welded pipe machine. They have many customers globally and have installed copper gutters and architectural copperwork spanning Florida and the Caribbean.  Rutland Gutter Supply’s products are marketed and sold throu... Read More >

June 9th, 2016 / admin

Green Roofing – Cool Roofs

Buildings, including residential, commercial, public, and industrial consume about one third of all energy use and about two thirds of all the electricity generated. Demand for electricity in the U.S. is increasing three times faster than new power plants and lines are being built to accommodate this rapidly increasing demand. Heating and cooling costs dominate most building's energy usage. A building's roof can have the greatest impact on the energy consumption by a building so any technological advances and improvements in roofing energy efficiency and perfor... Read More >

June 3rd, 2016 / admin

Roof Vent – Attic Ventilation – Gable Vent – Copper

Roof vents provide ventilation for the space underneath a roof. If an attic is present, roof vents, soffit vents and gable vents also provide attic ventilation. Roof ventilation and attic ventilation are necessary to help remove moisture in the air that may damage wood, insulation and other building materials underneath the roof, susceptible to damage or deterioration from moisture or condensation. The air conditioned living space underneath your roof or attic is usually at a much different temperature than the airspace underneath the roof or in the attic and c... Read More >

June 3rd, 2016 / admin

Horse Barn Cupola Construction

Cupolas are a very popular architectural enhancement on top of horse barn roofs and riding arenas. Roof top cupolas are also popular features on homes, gazebos, pavillions, public buildings and businesses. A cupola may be built to be accessible from the inside and thereby provide a lofty perch for viewing pleasure of the surrounding area. Often such cupolas are encircled by a widows walk or roof deck railing. Usually cupolas are chosen for their heightened  Read More >

May 27th, 2016 / admin