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Copper Elbow Downspout Extension Gooseneck

Rutland has the capability to fabricate a custom copper downspout elbow - downspout extension gooseneck. These one piece gooseneck offset elbows or downspout extension elbows are less prone to leaks than three piece downspout elbow extensions and are also much more visually appealing especially in attractive round or square downspout styles. These custom downspout elbow extensions - gooseneck offset elbows with one piece design are further enhanced by seamless TIG welded construction, offering smooth unbroken surface or sight lines, best durability and strength. Gooseneck downspout elbow extensions are most often used with roof overhangs or to merge multiple gutters into one downspout or leader head.


Round Angled Downspout Elbow - Square Angled Gooseneck - Square Arched Elbow


Copper Downspout Extension Elbow Radius Square Gooseneck Design


Copper Gutter - Downspout System with Round Downspout Gooseneck Elbows


Custom Downspout Elbow Gooseneck Design

Rutland custom manufactures custom gooseneck downspout elbow offsets and extensions to the requirements of the architect, builder, contractor or property owner. The shape, angle, arch, radius, length and height may all be customized and specified. These downspout elbows and extensions may be specified in round, square or rectangular downspout styles in a variety of materials and with any dimensional size. Rutland's one piece custom gutter downspout elbow gooseneck extensions look fantastic by themselves or coupled with one of Rutland's many stylish leader heads - downspout conductors. Rutland gooseneck downspout elbow extensions additional information including CAD design drawings - custom construction specifications may be found on their Downspout Extension Elbow Gooseneck webpage.


Copper Downspout with Sculpted Elbow Gooseneck Offset