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Gargoyles – Water Spout – Rain Gutter Spout

Gargoyles at Sunrise

One of Rutland's clients graciously sent in some gorgeous pictures of her collection of copper gargoyle water spouts mounted at the ends of copper rain gutters. The copper gargoyles rain gutter spouts are installed on a lovely gazebo up high on a hillside overlooking the ocean. The pictures capture the dramatic view of a gazebo built at the edge of a cliff with an elegant pool situated between the gazebo and this lovely coastal home. This gorgeous property overlooking a panoramic view of the ocean dotted with small outlying islands and the lush valley floor below is ultra inviting and peaceful. The gargoyle spouts are shown off most optimally in this gorgeous setting and this photo collage has been appropriately and aptly titled, "Gargoyles at Sunrise".




Rutland copper work artisans crafted these gargoyle water spouts faithfully from original gargoyle rain spout designs created centuries ago in Europe. Rutland creates copper gargoyle water spouts which may be used at the ends of copper rain gutters in lieu of regular downspouts for a dramatic and very natural flair. Rutland also creates gargoyle water spouts for mounting at edges of flat roof parapets rather than the more garden variety of roof scupper spouts or downspouts. Shown below are non-weathered new copper gargoyle gutter rain spouts and gargoyle roof water spouts - rain scuppers.


Rain Gutter Spout - Gargoyle Water Spout


Roof Water Spout Scupper- Gargoyle Rain Spout

See more pictures of water spouts including gargoyle rain spouts and fish rain spouts and view Rutland CAD drawings of fish and gargoyle rain water spouts at Rain Water Spout