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Metal Finials – Roof

Rutland creates a wide assortment of custom architectural metal finials. Their newest custom metal finial design featured here has an octagonal base topped with a double ribbed bell shape, then a spear shaped finial cone with a finial ball near base of cone. This custom metal finial was crafted from pure heavyweight copper. The metal finial sections were TIG welded together, then any seams were ground and polished for a flawless, fine crafted appearance. TIG welding makes metal finials stronger, more durable and longer lasting in addition to giving them their fine, elegant appearance.

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Copper Finial Design - Custom Metal Roof Finial
While the custom metal finial project highlighted here specified a copper finial, a representation of a paint-able aluminum finial with same design is also shown above. Rutland artisans work with many architectural metals including copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, galvalume and zinc. Copper and aluminum are the two most chosen and workable metals for finial fabrication. Copper finials are most always left unfinished while aluminum metal finial can be supplied in (unfinished) mill finish aluminum or else custom painted in any color to the client's specifications. Architectural metal finials are frequently used as the perfect crowning touch or focal point at the top of a roof or roof peaks and tops of cupolas, domes, turrets and gazebos. Metal finials are also used as decorative finials in gardens, on top of outdoor walls, on parapets, on fence posts and at building entrances. Metal finials can be scaled to almost any size and often may be sized quite large, to better be seen from distances or from the ground and provide greater presence and architectural interest. Additional architectural metal and copper finials may be viewed at the Rutland Finials webpage.