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Natural Stone Tile Flooring – Natural Stone Wall Veneer

Natural stone products are the focus and specialty of Rutland Minstone, a natural stone wholesale distributor and newest member of the Rutland group of companies. Rutland Minstone is wholly a natural stone importer - supplier and is the sole wholesale stone distributor for the United States, North America, Caribbean and South America for manufacturer Minstone. Minstone is the source of the highest standards in pure rock, slate and genuine natural stone, mined directly out of the ancient hills around Beijing, China. Natural stone products now available through Rutland include: stone tile flooring; natural stone wall veneer; flagstone patio pavers; garden stone walls; landscaping stone; walkway stone paving; stone columns; cobblestones; stepping stones; random slate pavers; roof slate tile; castle stone; bar stone mosaic tile; stone tile mosaic floor and mosaic wall; bullnose tile for stone steps and stairs; slate tile flooring and slate wall; travertine tiles and tumbled tile; limestone tile flooring and limestone wall; sandstone tile; quartzite tile; antique stone wall cladding; stack stone wall panels; fireplace stone veneer; interlocking stone corner and stacking stone wall panel system.


Natural Stone Mining and Processing

Natural stone products are very versatile as stone can be used equally inside or outside. Natural stone is very durable, easy to maintain, weathers well and natural stone is also beautiful, elegant and timeless design wherever it is used. Natural stone tiles can be used on all interior walls and floors including kitchens, bathrooms and showers, especially low water absorption slate tile. Stone fireplace surrounds or stone veneer walls have always been particularly popular. The natural stone wall cladding that is used on interior walls can also be used on a building's exterior walls and on stone retaining walls and stone columns. Natural stone tile patterns and mosaics lend attractiveness and heightened architectural interest to walls and floors anywhere. Natural stone tile mosaic patterns and stone wall systems have been developed that allow builders, designers, landscapers, architects and property owners to create the most visually pleasing and stunning genuine natural stone, rock and slate profiles. Natural stone thin veneer is a lighter weight, easier to install, more affordable genuine alternative to full stone veneer and makes natural stone wall coverings a viable option for any project by architects, builders, designers and re-modelers.


Natural Stone Fireplace Surround


Flagstone Patio Pavers in Sunroom


Black Slate Tile Flooring

Rutland Minstone genuine natural stone products can be applied to virtually any structurally sound surface inside or outside and are designed to be easily and quickly installed. This enables you to quickly get professional looking results and a richly elegant appearance. A system of interlocking stone wall veneer panels, stone mosaic and tile patterns presents a very cost effective application of fantastic rock, slate and natural stone effects for new and existing homes, commercial building projects and landscaping work. Rutland Minstone supplies pure  rock, slate and natural stone products for builders, architects, contractors, interior designers, landscapers, re-modelers, homeowners and property owners. Minstone has over 25 years experience providing pure rock, slate, limestone, travertine, quartzite, sandstone and flagstone products which meet the highest international standards yet are available at the most competitive wholesale pricing. Rutland provides natural stone imports at wholesale distributor direct prices and offers natural stone shipping throughout the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Rutland has over 40 years experience in construction, roofing, guttering, architectural copper work and metal fabrication with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and abroad. Rutland has extensive experience with international shipping and is a global wholesale supplier of product. Visit Rutland Minstone's Natural Stone Products website or peruse their Natural Stone Catalog for additional stone products information and to view many more pictures of Minstone natural stone installations and Minstone products.


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