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Roll Formers – Roll Forming Machines

Rutland supplies a complete array of metal roll formers or roll forming machines including single panel and double panel roll formers, decoilers (metal roll uncoilers), slitters (metal slitting machines) and embossers (metal embossing machines). Roll forming is a continuous forming or shaping process in which a long sheet of metal or metal coil roll is fed through a series of metal rollers, each only incrementally performing the forming until the metal reaches it's final shape or cross-section profile when it passes the last rollers. When metal needs to be formed into an exact profile in either large quantities or in long lengths, roll former machines accomplish this task in an ideal fashion. Roll formed metal has an advantage over metal extrusions of similar shape with roll formed sections typically being much stronger and lighter with the cold metal having been work hardened. Metal passed through and shaped in roll forming machinery can also be pre-finished or painted saving an additional fabrication step and labor. Finishing labor is greatly reduced with the high volume capability of roll forming. Roll formed metal is used for many architectural or construction purposes including metal roof panels, metal roofing tile, metal wall panels or siding, metal purlins or wall studs, metal door frames, metal shutters, metal floors or decking, guardrails and many other applications.

roll-former-roll-forming-machines (1)

Roll Former - Metal Roll Forming Machine

A decoiler, also known as an uncoiler, is a spindle type uncoiling machine which feeds the metal coils used in roll forming operation at an exact rate to the roll former. These metal coils can be rather large and very heavy and the large decoilers are often provided with hydraulic operation. Metal coils come in many assorted widths and lengths and also in a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, galvalume, stainless steel and zinc. The metals may be in a raw state or unfinished, especially in the case for your green materials like copper, zinc and stainless steel and sometimes even galvalume which are more resistant to corrosion. Metals which are more subject to corrosive effects such as aluminum, galvanized steel and galvalume may be pre-finished or painted before passing through the roll former without the finish being damaged. The precisely shaped metal exiting the roll former machines is usually cut to pre-determined lengths by the machine. The pre-cut metal panels can then be transported to the job site and installed.

decoiler-uncoiler-bl (1)

Decoiler - Metal Roll Uncoiler

An embosser or metal embossing machine can emboss or impress one of many attractive patterns into the metal and used as is or fed into roll forming machines, providing additional architectural interest to wall panels, roof panels or flooring decks. The embossed patterns can also add strength or rigidity to the metal material. Usually a decoiler is situated at both the feeding and receiving ends of the embosser machine for volume operation.

embosser-metal-embossing-machine-bl (1)

Embosser - Metal Embossing Machine

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Metal Embossing Samples

A slitter or metal slitting machine cuts sheets or rolls of metal coil into exact widths when the metal material needs to be trimmed to size before being fed into roll forming machines. Decoiler machines positioned before and after the slitter can both feed and receive the metal material when long lengths are cut to size.

slitter-machine-metal (1)

Slitter - Metal Slitting machine

Roof panel, wall panel and floor deck profiles or shapes which are formed into the metal material by the roll formers provide added strength, rigidity and architectural interest. The metal panels formed can be shaped to interlock with each other and an attractive roof tile look can also created by metal roll former machines.

roll-forming-roofing-tile-bl (1) roll-forming-roof-panel-bl (1)

Roofing Tile Sample Profile - Roof Panel Sample Profile

Roll Former - Metal Roll Forming Machine Video Below

See more on the different types of roll forming machinery, samples of various wall and roof panel profiles and samples of metal embossing patterns including pictures, videos, detailed information and specifications available at Rutland's Roll Formers website.