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Roof Finial – Copper Finials Custom

Decorative roof finials are typically made out of pure copper or aluminum and provide a decorative enhancement to any residential, commercial or public building architecture. Custom finials of nearly any size and design may be fabricated by metal work artisans along with integral custom finial bases. Decorative finial types include roof finials, garden finials, fence or post finials. Finial bases for roof finials may constructed to fit or conform to the shape and pitch of the roof on which they will be mounted, providing a more streamlined, tight fitting and elegant appearance. The finial bases may also provide appropriate weather resistant integral flashing in their design. To illustrate this point, a copper finial, model FL023 custom designed by Rutland, is shown below with a custom roof finial base designed for mounting at junction of intersecting roof peaks.

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Copper Roof Finial FL023 with Custom Finial Base


Finial Base Shapes for Various Roof Mounting

Rutland's architectural copper work and metal working artisans have created over 50 standard finial designs in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Rutland also is able to manufacture any custom size of finial and an unlimited array of designs provided by or specified by their clients which include architects, builders, contractors, designers, home and building owners. All of Rutland's standard metal finials and custom finials may be constructed with the base shape specified by the customer as copper finials or aluminum finials. Additional finials and spires including roof finials, architectural finials, garden finials and decorative finials may also be seen on Rutland pages featuring Finials.