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Roof Scupper – Lion Head – Rain Spout

Roof scuppers are used to drain rain water from flat roofs which are prevalent mostly on commercial and government buildings. Flat roofs can also found on contemporary residential buildings. A low wall typically runs around the perimeter of the flat roof and holes are cut through these low walls where the roof and wall intersect. A drain pipe or roof scupper extends through the opening that allows rain water to run through to ground below. Some roof scuppers utilize an ornamental design such as the copper lion head or gargoyle roof scupper designs below which greatly enhance any building and dress up the drab style of ordinary plain drain pipes or scuppers.


Roof Scupper - Lion Head Rain Spout



Rutland craftsmen painstakingly form, hammer by hand, TIG weld and polish these architectural copper roof scupper and rain spout designs to enhance any type of building architecture that utilizes water spouts or scuppers to drain rain water. You may view additional water spouts and scupper designs at this link Roof Scuppers - Water Spouts.