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Copper Fire Pit – Copper Fire Bowl

Fire pits have been around for thousands of years probably dating back to man’s discovery of fire. An outdoor fire pit can simply be a pit dug into the ground to help contain and concentrate a fire for use in heating such as a camp fire, or to cook out or frequently in today’s world just for the ambience when socializing or entertaining. With technological advances, fire pits progressed to more elaborate structures comprised of stone, brick and/or metal. These modern fire pits or fire bowls, especially ones made of metal, are often shaped like a bowl and usually accompanied by a fitted fire pit cover or fire pit lid. A firepit with an integral stand can also be some what mobile. Today an outdoor fire pit is frequently used in a pool area, as a patio fire pit, outdoor room fire pit and also as a garden fire pit. There are many variations of fire pits and materials used to construct a fire pit. Metal fire pits with integral stands or set into a fire pit table are particularly easy to set up and start using. Copper fire pits or copper fire bowl as seen below are considered the premier metal choice for a fire pit. A copper fire pit, especially with matching pure copper fire pit cover, has a very elegant appearance, does not need painting, has excellent corrosion resistance, is extremely durable and weathers pleasingly with copper patina's timeless beauty. copper fire pit custom crafted Copper Fire Pit copper firepit ready to ship to customer Copper FirePit - Custom Crafted and Ready to Ship The 100% copper fire pit shown above has a bowl shape which helps to concentrate and focus the fire and heat. This copper fire pit also has a fitted cover using a copper mesh screen which helps to contain stray sparks and also helps reduce possible wind impact that might fan the fire or flames out of control. A copper fire bowl or fire pit can be free standing with it’s own legs or stand. A copper fire pit can also be set into a properly sized cut out on a table that is insulated or fireproof. A permanent stand or fire pit table can also be constructed from bricks, stone or concrete as shown in the pictures of an installed copper fire pit table situated pool side below. copper fire pit installed as an outdoor patio fire pit installed pool side Outdoor Copper Fire Pit Table Installed Poolside copper fire bowl with matching fire pit cover shown mounted in fite pit table Copper Patio Fire Pit with Matching Fire Pit Cover

The popularity of a backyard outdoor fire pit is on the rise as a fire pit creates charming campfire ambiance in an outdoor room, on a patio, poolside or garden area. The circular design of a fire pit allow seating of friends and family 360 degrees around the fire pit to enjoy the cozy warmth and hospitable, congenial atmosphere of a blazing fire, especially on those cool, chilly nights. An above ground fire pit is also much safer than an in ground version, as there is little likelihood of falling in. Situate your fire pit on a sturdy, stable stand or foundation. Fire pits securely set into bricks, stone or concrete are not at risk of being knocked over. Please be careful not to over fill your fire pit with wood or coals, use a fire pit cover and always use safe lighting procedures. With safe usage, you will find yourself frequently gathering around your outdoor fire pit, possibly even more so than with an indoor fireplace.

* Custom 100% copper fire pit - copper fire bowl with 30 copper fire pit cover as pictured above, manufactured by Rutland architectural copper craftsmen, available world-wide in any size, with or without stand throughRutland Architectural Copper Work in Orlando, Florida