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Copper Cupola – Roof Cupola – Gazebo Cupola – Custom Rooftop Cupolas Weathervanes

Give your home that extra curb appeal with a copper roof cupola. A cupola for your house or gazebo will add that distinctive, luxurious look to your home. Rutland’s rooftop cupola can be custom made from various materials including pure copper or aluminum to coordinate and match with your gutter system or other architectural copper work and provide the crowning touch for your home or business. A copper finial or copper weather vane puts the finishing touch on your copper cupola. Rutland can provide your home or commercial building with a custom designed copper gutter system, copper cupola, copper finials, copper weathervane, copper roof vent, copper soffit vents, copper chimney cap, copper stove pipe vent, copper dome, copper turret, copper dormer and copper gable for the finest in coordinated copper architecture.