Downspout Rain Diverter


Downspout diverters – custom rain diverters may be ordered as square or rectangular downspout diverters, round seamless welded downspout diverters or round crimped downspout diverters. All downspout diverters may be ordered either as a thick gauge aluminum downspout diverter, in stainless steel or as a pure copper downspout diverter. Aluminum rain diverters shown here are unfinished or mill finish aluminum. Aluminum diverters may also be ordered painted in one of our many gutter colors on the outside. Copper rain diverters are pure unfinished copper or can be pre-patinated to better match already weathered copper gutters. The diverters feature a simple, yet very reliable valve or diverter flap and are designed to promote maximum water flow without restriction. The diverters are made from heavy gauge corrosion resistant metals for durability and decades of trouble-free service. Rutland Gutter Supply provides all downspout extensions, downspout elbows, downspout strainers, downspout brackets and downspout parts you need to properly install a downspout rain diverter.

Rain Water Harvesting – Collection – Diversion

Downspout rain water diverters can be utilized for rain water harvesting, rain water collection or diversion for washing, gardening, irrigation, etc. These downspout diverters with manual valve flap (shown above) can easily be implemented as a rain barrel diverter using an appropriate sized downspout extension. Variety of materials available including pure copper and aluminum. Aluminum diverters may also be ordered painted in one of a wide variety of gutter colors on the outside.